Inspire Dallas is a strategic housing planning effort to chart a pathway toward prosperous neighborhoods throughout the City of Dallas, Texas. The goal is to establish proactive strategies that will enhance and sustain neighborhood communities, building on existing strengths, leveraging unique assets, and identifying critical missing components. Through the plan, the City aims to be more strategic and responsive by developing new tools and approaches to address changing needs and opportunities.
Though the plan will address a variety of topics, it is centered on neighborhoods as the central building block of a healthy city. The process focused on gathering the feedback of individuals regarding their community, both the city as a whole and specific neighborhoods throughout. The end result will be a strategic plan central to promoting sustainable neighborhoods all over the City of Dallas.
As part of the planning process, InspireDallas utilized sMap to gather public input regarding key assets and strengths within the City. The Asset Map allows residents and stakeholders to identify specific locations and physical features that contribute to Dallas’ unique neighborhoods. Respondents are able to classify points into different categorizing, helping to establish a clear understanding of the distinct elements that create local communities. Categories include health and healthcare, sports and recreation, parks and open space, housing, shopping and services, restaurants, schools and civic spaces, natural features, employers, and transportation elements. In addition, participants were asked to determine what is missing, pinpointing potential assets that could help improve the City of Dallas.