In 2009, the American Planning Association (APA) selected Front Street in Downtown Traverse City as one of 10 “Greatest Streets” in America. Front Street captures just about everything residents and visitors like about Traverse City: strong pedestrian orientation, scenic views of the Boardman River, classic architecture, parks and open space, wide sidewalks, pedestrian furniture and amenities, an exciting mix of uses, and a venue numerous festivals and special events throughout the year.
The broad objectives of the Traverse City’s Corridors Master Plan were to strengthen and reinforce the positive characteristics of five other key corridors in the City: West Front Street, East Front Street, Eighth Street, Fourteenth Street, and Garfield Avenue.
The planning process for the Traverse City Corridors Master Plan included a multi-step work program over a period of approximately 13 months. A variety of community outreach efforts were undertaken, including sMap, to involve property owners, business persons, City residents, elected and appointed officials, and other stakeholders in the planning program. sMap allowed anyone looking to participate in the process to provide important insight on issues, concerns and related to the City’s corridors throughout the planning process.