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Welcome to the interactive mapping tool for Flint’s Master Plan. This tool allows you to create your map of issues within the City of Flint, highlighting the issues that you feel are affecting the City and may have an impact on the project. The fun and interactive tool is easy to use. Give it a try and create your map. To create your map you first need to create an account. Click "create account" on the left to get started, or click on a map below to view someone else's map.

List of Maps

Map Title User Modified Points
Todd's MapTodd Lamb2/8/201319
FaLessia's MapFaLessia Booker12/20/201222
Cycling MapJJ Shaver12/13/2012
Laurie's mapLaurie11/21/20124
Jim R Asset & Risk MapJim Richardson1/7/20134
Flint Planning MapPlannersMap1/9/201327
5th ward informationLynne Waybright1/10/20131
Resource Genesee - JET Participant WorkshopResource Genesee1/24/201344
Assets and ChallengesE. Jordan1/30/201353
The Flint I knowJames J8/1/201384
Michael's Map of Issues and OpportunitiesMichael Freeman2/14/201311
Futuristic Flint AwesomenessLand Surveyor2/27/201318
Kim's Test MapOld Spartan2/21/2013
lrey first trylrey2/25/20131
Abandoned Carspatuser3/6/2013
ecollardey's mapecollardey3/19/2013
WARD NINEpikonUMflint4/10/201329
Project Studio MapProject Studio Map4/12/20136
Ward 2andrea4/14/2013
Ward 2Nantucket4/17/201311
What's Missingdequan4/25/201335
Flint Mapnybateri1/8/2013
Flint AssetsFreeArchitect1/8/2013
Sample MapBrandon8/7/201211
Knapping FlintTrash4mer7/9/20139
Bus Shelter Mapskuttle72812/3/201325
Flint mapnewmoonspells10/5/2013
TestholesTom O'Dwyer12/19/2013
DHibbard's MapDHibbard7/2/20139
Ward 8JoyceMcNeal7/5/20131
bed and breakfastknobhillbnb7/30/20132
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