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Welcome to the interactive mapping tool for the Village of New Lenox’s Route 30 Corridor Plan. This tool allows you to create your map of issues along the corridors, highlighting the issues and opportunities that you believe exist along Route 30. Give it a try and create your map. To create your map you first need to create an account. Click "create account" on the left to get started, or click on a map below to view someone else's map.

List of Maps

Map Title User Modified Points
Sample MapDevin9/26/20125
Ann P's mapAnn P.10/21/20127
SignageJanice Byrne10/22/20123
Meri's MapMeri10/22/20128
downtown new lenoxgayleh32810/22/20126
Steve's ObservationsSteve10/15/20125
Issues on RT30Teri10/10/20126
Traffic flowbe good10/10/20122
Map of issuesmine0310/23/20127
Peter's MapPeter Fattore11/7/201215
NL MapCubbyGirl11/2/201235
Making a Great New LenoxJamieV11/3/201217
Ryan's MapRyan's Map11/4/201218
First Impressions are Key!KatieM10/23/201214
My MapCubbyGirl12/6/2012
Creating a New Lenox that WowsChad10/24/20129
Close off all entances to strip mallsmenoname12/31/2012
Making changesMB1/1/20135
Bellski's mappingBellski1/3/20139
1st Impressionsbigbearclaw8511/2/201217
New LookNEW LOOK12/3/20126
Steve A's mapSteve A's map12/31/20124
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